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Formatting appears in a few different commands, namely:

  • name
  • template
  • general

There are a few different variables you can put in that will replace normal text.


One of the coolest features of the bot is changing the channel name to the current activity. If you want to edit the template simply use @@game@@ to insert the games that are currently being played.

Member Count

To display the member count of the channel use @@num@@.


The string <<person/people>> indicates what word to use depending on how many people are currently in the channel. If there is one person in the channel it will return person but if there's anything else it will return people. You can replace these words with anything you want provided that it's surrounded by << and >> and seperated by a slash.


Number formatting changes depending on what channel number you're in.

Default Formatting

By default the channel template is @@game@@ ##. The ## is replaced by the channel number in a normal format of #1.

Nato Formatting

If you use the string @@nato@@ in a channel name it will be replaced by the equivalent Nato code for the channel number. For example, if the channel was channel number 5 it would be replaced with Echo and with channel number 1 it would be Alpha.

Precision Formatting

The string ### will be replaced by the channel number (1 in this case) in this format: 001.

Roman Numerals

The string +# will be replaced with the roman numeral representation of the channel number.

No formatting

The string $# will result in just the channel number without anything else.

Emoji formatting

The string @@emoji@@ will be replaced by a random emoji. Generated when the channel is first created.

Last update: September 22, 2023